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Automated robot restaurant shows in Hangzhou, it only takes 3 minutes to fry a dish !


restaurant robot price

Have you ever eaten a dish cooked by a robot? Recently, a robot restaurant officially debuted in the West Lake District of Hangzhou!

restaurant robot price

All the dishes in this restaurant are fried by robots with AI functions~

restaurant robot priceNot only cooking, but even grabbing the ingredients is done by the cooking robot.

restaurant robot priceThe cooking robot is cooking tofu.

restaurant robot priceIt's not a problem to have two tasks at the same time!

restaurant robot priceThe cooking robot is cooking vegetable dishes.

restaurant robot priceHave you tried the shredded potatoes fried by the robot?

restaurant robot priceSome dishes cooked by the cooking robot are full of color and flavor!

robot waiter;

restaurant robot price;

Dispatching Robot;

AI service Robot.

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